The Department for Academic Research and International Relations plays a strategic role at the University School of Physical Education in Krakow in assisting and enhancing international projects and outreach, supporting faculty members in all their  international activities, ranging from fundamental research collaboration, capacity building projects and faculty travel grants to the provision of information and guidance in European Research Programmes such as The European Union framework programmes for Research (FP 7) and Marie Curie Actions.

The main responsibilities of the Department for Academic Research and International Relations  include:

• provision of secretarial and administrative support to the Vice-Rector for Academic Research
• administrative support for postgraduate programmes, academic staff development and research
•  administration of international, bilateral agreements
•  administration of membership and engagement in international networks, organisations and centres abroad
•  provision of services related to the submission of proposals to national and international programmes, etc.
•  guidance and dissemination among academic community of broad offers regarding international conferences, research programmes, grants, trainings and scholarships
•  organisation of foreign guests’ visits to our university
•  administrative support for foreign mobility of academic staff
•  support for young researchers in gaining financial sources for their research activity
•  organisation and administrative support to international scientific conferences.

Department for Academic Research and International Relations,
University School of Physical Education in Krakow
31-571 Krakow, Al. Jana Pawła II 78, pavilion 1A/413-415
 phone.: +48 126831498,  +48 126831224,
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Vice-Rector for Academic Research
Professor Edward Mleczko’s mandate is to support an expanded and strengthened role for academic research, international cooperation and postgraduate studies. This includes a strong commitment to support the university researchers in their individual and collective efforts to secure funding, launch successful research programmes, explore international linkages and fund young researchers. Vice-Rector for Academic Research oversees the solicitation of research funding, implements research policies and helps to shape the research priorities of the university.
Professor Mleczko is also the signatory for all grant applications, deadline extensions, over-expenditures for external research grants and the release of promised funding instalments for major grant holders.

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